Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bats in the Barn

This past summer, when shutting the barn door, many nesting bats fell out of their cozy nesting spot.  It was quite a sight to see, they squealed and made their way back up the wall of the barn to find their nest (it was a sliding door that had been left open most of the summer and they had made a next between the open door and exterior of the the barn.

By the time I got my camera most had climbed back to safety.
You can read the full story here.

As a result of this I spent some time on the Internet researching bats and was alarmed to find that a mysterious disease is killing them by the millions (not in my area).  This disease is known as "White-Nose Syndrome" and is one of the worlds largest disasters in terms of animal life being lost at the moment.   You can read more about White Nose Syndrome in bats here.


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