Friday, November 30, 2012

Tips and Supplies for Breeding Pet Birds

Many bird owners want to breed their birds, for some species this is quite easy, but for others it is more demanding. Overall breeding birds is not something you should get into doing without a lot of thought and preparations. Be sure you have homes for any offspring you produce, do not just assume you will figure that out when the time comes. 

You will also want to use caution not to over-breed your birds as this will lead to breeding exhaustion. To be a proper breeder you need to have a lot of room and time, you need to have many cages, and if you are going to be hand-raising the young birds you almost certainly have to be home for the majority of the day.

Extend the hours of light to encourage breeding, reduce the hours of light to discourage breeding in birds.

Supplies Needed for Breeding Birds

Your birds must be put on a special, high quality, diet for breeders. 

They need a nesting box or nest. Different species have different preferences, but these should be removed later to prevent the birds from continuously laying eggs and rearing young.

The birds need nesting material. Allow your birds to place this in the nest themselves. You can purchase different nesting materials as well as providing some pieces of dried grass from your yard (assuming you have not used any chemicals on your lawn). Aspen or pine shavings may be given, but never give them cedar shavings, never use a cedar nesting box.

Your birds need to be kept in a stress free area.

If you plan on hand rearing the young birds you will need special feeding tubes, lubricant for the feeding tubes as well as special food for the hatchlings. This is not something I would recommend for a beginner to try on their own without a coach or mentor to show you how it is done. Note that different species of birds eat different food and are fed by different methods.

Incubation Period for Birds Eggs

For most birds you must note that they lay several eggs before sitting on them, often laying one egg per day. Calculate hatching by counting from the day when the birds start sitting on the eggs to incubate them.
  • African Grey Parrot – 26 to 30 days
  • Cockatoos – 28 to 29 days
  • Cockatiels – 18 to 21 days
  • Conures – 23 to 25 days
  • Doves – 16 to 18 days
  • Finches – 14 to 15 days
  • Lovebirds – 21 to 25 days
  • Macaws – 24 to 28 days
  • Parakeets, Budgies – 17 to 20 days

If you are looking for bird supplies, or specifically for supplies for breeding birds be sure to check out or PetCareRX, links are provided by clicking above!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Great Online Pet Product Deals for January

Are you looking for great online deals for pet products for January?

Hello pet lovers, and pet owners.  If you have been following along, the December deals are over and we move into some deals and coupons for pet products for the New Year.

These are all reputable companies  that provide good quality products for your pets.

To use the coupons (where codes are needed) just make a note of the code I have given you.  When you are done shopping and go to the checkout you will see a box where it asks for your Promotion, or Coupon, Code, put the code in and click the APPLY button and your total price will be recalculated.

Happy Shopping!

. is offering a great January Deal, from now until January 21, 2013 you can get 10% off your purchase if the total is over $75.  This means a savings of at least $7.50 on fantastic products for your dog.
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Here is an article covering some of the basic ferret supplies offered at is offering two great deals.  From now until January 31 it is their big blanket blow out.
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And of course Statline Tack also has some fantastic January shopping deals.
They also offer a savings of $10 for purchases more than $100.
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Pet Care RX

Pet Care RX has great savings on pet supplies and medications and you can get free shipping right up until March, 2013.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where can you Get Real Veterinarian Advice Online

I have always warned people against getting free veterinarian advice online, you simply do not know who is answering.

On forums and other question and answer sites are loaded with people who may claim to be vets but are not. Sure you might get some help from people based on their experiences but sometimes there is more to it than that, and at any rate a common answer in forums is simply “Take your pet to the vet”.

I have seen terrible advice given out by well meaning people but people who simply do not know the facts. For example I have seen a person ask if they can give aspirin to a cat and they were told “Sure, I gave it to my dog so I do not see why you cannot give it to your cat”. Of course the truth is that aspirin is somewhat risky for dogs (although if carefully dosed it is fine) but very dangerous to cats and even a small amount can be fatal. is one of the few places where pet owners can turn and find real information from real veterinarians. They have a place where users can ask questions about their pet or other concerns. These questions are answered as quickly as possible by the vets who are online at any given time.

What is really great about the question section for vets on PetMD is that it is not just limited to questions about cats and dogs either. PetMD allows you to ask questions about birds, horses, reptiles, or other exotic pets.

The PetMD website itself has loads of links with information on all different types of pets and is a good resource in itself.  Click on the logo above to give it a shot and ask a veterinarian your pet questions today!

As part of the Pet 360 family PetMD is affiliated with PetFoodDirect.  They also have a symptom checker.

If you have a pet emergency it is best to contact your veterinarian. Most vets do have 24 hour services and are available even when their office is closed. For non-emergency situations or times when you just have a simple question, try asking a veterinarian on

Get Cat Food and Dog Food Delivered to your Door

Not everyone relishes the idea of going to the store for pet food over and over again. Additionally because the really good pet foods are rarely carried in most grocery stores (including Walmart) it can be a bit out of the way for a pet owner to get their pet's food on a regular basis and there is nothing worse than running out of pet food at a bad time (such as winter). 

Pet food has very low profit margins, in stores it is often more expensive than ordering online because stores have more overhead. Additionally there is nothing more frustrating than driving to a store for your pet's food only to find they have run out!

These are just some of the reasons why pet owners are turning to ordering their pet's food online and having it delivered right to their door.

PetFoodDirect is just one of the many online companies that offers pet food online and free delivery (on orders over $49.00). They also have an autoship program that offers a further discount of 15% off your orders. Autoship is great because you will never run out of pet food again, and can take an advantage of saving money on pet food.

Don't make your pet get its own food!
Some of the best quality pet foods are available from PetFoodDirect including Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance, and Wellness as well as many other brands. These pet foods are quality foods that do not use cheap filler. When you feed a better quality cat or dog food you will find your pet needs to eat less food and you have less mess to clean up (fewer poops). You should also notice an improvement in your pets health when compared to feeding the cat and dog foods that are loaded with cheap filler and by-products.

PetFoodDirect sells more than just pet food, they also sell pet supplies, flea and tick products, as well as products to keep your pet's skin and coat looking healthy. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Supplies Needed for Owning a Miniature Horse or Pony

If you are considering getting a miniature horse or pony you might be wondering what supplies you need. Or perhaps you know somebody who owns a miniature horse or pony and are looking for gift ideas.

Halters and Lead Shanks

Normally a horse or pony is sold with a halter and lead shank, but not always, and sometimes it is just a good idea to have a spare halter and a few lead shanks If you intend to show your miniature horse or pony in conformation or halter classes you will also need a more decorative halter and shank for these reasons.

Grooming Supplies

There are many grooming supplies you need for brushing your miniature horse or pony. You will want a curry comb and dandy brush, as well as a mane and tail comb and hoof pick. There are other brushes and grooming tools that can be purchased later, including horse shampoo and conditioner. You may want to get a grooming kit to carry around your supplies in.

Medications and Wormers

Miniature horses and ponies should be wormed once a year if they have a large pasture with only a few horses, twice a year is better if there are many equines in the same space.

Pretty much those are all the things you really need to buy for your miniature horse or pony unless you want to ride it, but do note that only the larger miniature horses are suitable for riding, the smaller ones are normally only suited as “pets” or for driving and should not be ridden.

If you are thinking of riding your miniature horse or pony the other supplies you will want are as follows.

Bridle and Bit

Bridles come in many styles, if your pony is already broke to ride you should know what type of bridle and bit were being used on it before you bought it and should stick with the same type. Inexperienced riders should use snaffle bits rather than curb bits as a jerk on the reins with a curb bit can really hurt a horse's mouth. There are many different types of snaffle, some being more severe than others. Click here to learn more about bits and how they work.

Saddle and Saddle Pad

Saddles need to fit the horse and rider. If your pony has high withers and a narrow build be sure to select a saddle to fit it, the same applies to fatter, wider ponies. Saddle pads are also required and go under the saddle. You will also require a girth, or cinch, to keep the saddle on the horse. You can also buy bareback pads to make bareback riding more comfortable.

Boots, Helmets, and other Riding Apparel.

Boots with a heel are a must as they prevent the rider's foot from going through the stirrup. Helmets are also an essential. Even a fall from a short horse can be dangerous if your head hits the wall or is stepped on by the horse. 

Other Bonus Supplies for Owners of Miniature Horses or Ponies

You may also want to buy toys for horses, such as balls they can play with in their pasture. Toys are particularly important for horses or ponies that live alone. Toys help relieve boredom and may prevent problem behavior such as weaving or cribbing.

You may also want to consider supplements and treats. These help an owner to bond with their equine. Generally miniature horses and ponies do not need a lot of rich feed (and can founder if overfed a grain ration) but supplements can be used to improve the quality of their coat and herbal remedies can help with some behavior problems (such as moody mares).

For a new owner a book on horse and pony care might also be a good gift idea.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Should You Get Pet Insurance for Your Pet?

Today's article is a bit different, rather than talking about any kind of exotic pet, I want to mention some concerns regarding medical costs of cats and dogs. I often encounter people who have an ailing pet and are looking for free help. The Internet in general is not a good place to turn for free veterinarian help, you never know if the person is really qualified to answer and often times symptoms really need to be seen first hand by a real vet, one who can do something to help the suffering cat or dog. Pet Insurance is a good way for some people to be able to pay for emergency pet care rather than saving up thousands of dollars to cover these expenses.

Does your pet have pet insurance? If you live in Canada or the United States the answer is probably “No”, however if you live in Europe there is a good chance your pet is insured as the percentage of insured pets in different European countries is between 12% and 50%.

If your pet is not insured you may be one of the many people scrambling for cash if something happens to your pet. If you belong to any online forums, or question and answer sites (such as WebAnswers or Yahoo!) you may have seen questions from frantic owners looking for free veterinarian help for their sick or injured pet. Many people will even say “Help, I cannot afford to take my pet to the veterinarian”. Sadly in some of these situations it is clear that the pet really needs proper veterinarian attention and may die without it.
Knowing the potential for a pet to get injured why take the risk? 

Pet Insurance is available from many different companies in North America, one of which is 24PetWatch pet insurance. 24PetWatch Pet Insurance offers pet insurance for cats and dogs and covers injury or illness, with different plans to suit different pet insurance needs. Studies have shown that one in three pets will need emergency treatment and two out of three will experience a major health problem during their lifetime. All of this adds up to over $10 billion being spent in North America on pet health care.

Some of the things to consider are that your pet could be hit by a car, poisoned, get cancer, have hip dysplasia, get in a fight with another pet or animal, or could get sick.

The time to get insurance is before problems occur as pre-existing conditions are not covered and pets as young as 8 weeks old are eligible to be enrolled (there is a 14 day waiting period).

24PetWatch pet insurance has different pet insurance programs for different needs and insures cats and dogs, they even has a special program called TenantCare for pet owners who live in rental properties.

With 24PetWatch pet insurance you can still go to your regular vet, or any licensed veterinarian you choose.
Discounts are given if you enroll more than one pet in one of 24PetWatch pet insurance's programs.

If you are a pet owner and are concerned with the high cost of medical bills then joining a pet insurance program to get Health Insurance for your Pets may be a good idea.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Can you Trust Buying Pet Medications Online?

You should also be aware that many over the counter products, and particularly those for fleas and ticks, are not always safe for pets. Sadly there are many websites dedicated to warning pet owners about the risks of over the counter pet medications (including flea collars) to the extent that some pets have even died as the result of their owners using the products correctly. Concerns with over the counter flea and tick medications are that the ingredients are known to cause allergic, and sometimes fatal, reactions in some pets.

As such pet owners are now turning to their vet for safer medications to control fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks are not only annoying but also be aware fleas can spread tapeworms and ticks can spread Lyme disease.

Many pet owners are looking online for savings on pet medications, particularly in the areas of flea and tick control, but there are also other pet medications are now available online from various companies. One thing you may not be aware of is that a lot of these online companies are not run by veterinarians and that they are often pharmacies for people.

VetApprovedRX is one of the few online companies where an actual veterinarian is involved. As such if you are going to order your pet's medications online you are much safer to consider this company than some of the others. Also their prices are great!

This is not to say that pet medications sold by all online companies are risky, but why take any risks?

As a bonus with an order of $39 (or more) from VetApprovedRX you are entitled to a free online veterinarian consultation in case you have any questions about your pet, its medications, or general pet care questions.

When buying any pet medications it is important to know the weight of your pet, do not guess. To find out how much your pet weighs step on a weigh scale while holding your pet. Note the weight. Put the pet down and note the weight. Calculate the difference and that is how much your pet weighs. Write it down rather than assuming you will remember it.

Ordering pet medications from your veterinarian, or online from a veterinarian run company, is a lot safer than ordering them from an unknown source or pharmacy not operated by a person with veterinary knowledge of pets.

VetApprovedRX sells Advantage II, K9 Advantix, Frontline, Capstar, and all your other favorite cat and dog medications and health products.

If your cat or dog has fleas, or you are worried about ticks, or are looking for great deals on other pet medications, please check out VetApprovedRX.   Use the link below to get a great deal on Frontline Plus.

Be aware that in many cases cat medication is not safe for dogs, and visa versa, unless otherwise indicated.

Get Frontline Plus FREE Dose! Buy 6 doses, and get 1 additional dose. FREE Shipping Everyday!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pets Reduce Our Stress, How We Can Reduce Their Stress

Studies have shown that owning a pet can reduce stress in people.  Indeed even doing simple things such as stroking your cat, or watching fish in an aquarium, can have a positive effect on us, reducing our blood pressure and making us feel better.

Sadly a poorly cared for pet will live in a world of stress.  While most cats and dogs shed fur, did you know that when stressed they tend to shed more?  This is often noted in animal shelters where pets shed a lot due to the stress of being confined or living with so many other animals.

Studies have shown that dogs kept on chains are often aggressive and tend to be more prone to biting than dogs who are loose in their fenced yard.  In fact some animal shelters will not even adopt a dog to an owner who intends to keep it on a chain for this very reason.  If you do not have a fully fenced yard you might want to consider a good dog run.

Dogs who are not properly exercised, or mentally stimulated, often become destructive.  Destructive behavior is a sign of stress.  If an owner is wise they will select the dog breed that best suits their lifestyle rather than just getting the first cute puppy they see, or getting a particular breed because it looks cool.

©artwork by B Nelson

Some dog breeds, such as the Shih Tzu, tend to be happy-go-lucky, and do well in most homes, however they would not be a good mix in a very active home as they are a more laid back type of dog.

Smarter dog breeds benefit by having things to do, even such as having challenging toys to play with when their owner is not home.

Even cats can have stress.  Cats are pretty laid back, they sleep a lot, but in a chaotic home a cat may be stressed.  Cat owners are also wise to remember that cats do naturally use their claws, and should have a scratching post for this purpose.  Cats who are stressed tend to shed more, and some cats may start urinating around the house, Feliway is a great product to help reduce stress in cats.

Consider our small caged pets too.  They suffer from stress!  One of the biggest causers of stress in small pets is the fact that sometimes they are left in their cage for days, handled rarely, and their needs are not really met in this way.  It is important that our caged pets receive mental stimulation, which can be provided by taking them out regularly, and by making sure they have toys in their cage too.  Small pets often like things to chew on, and love tubes, so why not get them a tube they can chew on?

Birds are prone to stress, they are actually quite intelligent and do not like to be left alone.  Birds should be kept where they can see activity, and they do require daily interaction, especially parrots!

Keep an eye out for new toys and products to help keep our pets healthy and happy, it is up to us to make sure they are not stressed because stress shortens their lives.

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