Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Get Cat Food and Dog Food Delivered to your Door

Not everyone relishes the idea of going to the store for pet food over and over again. Additionally because the really good pet foods are rarely carried in most grocery stores (including Walmart) it can be a bit out of the way for a pet owner to get their pet's food on a regular basis and there is nothing worse than running out of pet food at a bad time (such as winter). 

Pet food has very low profit margins, in stores it is often more expensive than ordering online because stores have more overhead. Additionally there is nothing more frustrating than driving to a store for your pet's food only to find they have run out!

These are just some of the reasons why pet owners are turning to ordering their pet's food online and having it delivered right to their door.

PetFoodDirect is just one of the many online companies that offers pet food online and free delivery (on orders over $49.00). They also have an autoship program that offers a further discount of 15% off your orders. Autoship is great because you will never run out of pet food again, and can take an advantage of saving money on pet food.

Don't make your pet get its own food!
Some of the best quality pet foods are available from PetFoodDirect including Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance, and Wellness as well as many other brands. These pet foods are quality foods that do not use cheap filler. When you feed a better quality cat or dog food you will find your pet needs to eat less food and you have less mess to clean up (fewer poops). You should also notice an improvement in your pets health when compared to feeding the cat and dog foods that are loaded with cheap filler and by-products.

PetFoodDirect sells more than just pet food, they also sell pet supplies, flea and tick products, as well as products to keep your pet's skin and coat looking healthy. 

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  1. This is the best advantage when you purchase the Dog food online, that you get the food at your door only.