Friday, November 9, 2012

Should You Get Pet Insurance for Your Pet?

Today's article is a bit different, rather than talking about any kind of exotic pet, I want to mention some concerns regarding medical costs of cats and dogs. I often encounter people who have an ailing pet and are looking for free help. The Internet in general is not a good place to turn for free veterinarian help, you never know if the person is really qualified to answer and often times symptoms really need to be seen first hand by a real vet, one who can do something to help the suffering cat or dog. Pet Insurance is a good way for some people to be able to pay for emergency pet care rather than saving up thousands of dollars to cover these expenses.

Does your pet have pet insurance? If you live in Canada or the United States the answer is probably “No”, however if you live in Europe there is a good chance your pet is insured as the percentage of insured pets in different European countries is between 12% and 50%.

If your pet is not insured you may be one of the many people scrambling for cash if something happens to your pet. If you belong to any online forums, or question and answer sites (such as WebAnswers or Yahoo!) you may have seen questions from frantic owners looking for free veterinarian help for their sick or injured pet. Many people will even say “Help, I cannot afford to take my pet to the veterinarian”. Sadly in some of these situations it is clear that the pet really needs proper veterinarian attention and may die without it.
Knowing the potential for a pet to get injured why take the risk? 

Pet Insurance is available from many different companies in North America, one of which is 24PetWatch pet insurance. 24PetWatch Pet Insurance offers pet insurance for cats and dogs and covers injury or illness, with different plans to suit different pet insurance needs. Studies have shown that one in three pets will need emergency treatment and two out of three will experience a major health problem during their lifetime. All of this adds up to over $10 billion being spent in North America on pet health care.

Some of the things to consider are that your pet could be hit by a car, poisoned, get cancer, have hip dysplasia, get in a fight with another pet or animal, or could get sick.

The time to get insurance is before problems occur as pre-existing conditions are not covered and pets as young as 8 weeks old are eligible to be enrolled (there is a 14 day waiting period).

24PetWatch pet insurance has different pet insurance programs for different needs and insures cats and dogs, they even has a special program called TenantCare for pet owners who live in rental properties.

With 24PetWatch pet insurance you can still go to your regular vet, or any licensed veterinarian you choose.
Discounts are given if you enroll more than one pet in one of 24PetWatch pet insurance's programs.

If you are a pet owner and are concerned with the high cost of medical bills then joining a pet insurance program to get Health Insurance for your Pets may be a good idea.

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