Thursday, November 8, 2012

Can you Trust Buying Pet Medications Online?

You should also be aware that many over the counter products, and particularly those for fleas and ticks, are not always safe for pets. Sadly there are many websites dedicated to warning pet owners about the risks of over the counter pet medications (including flea collars) to the extent that some pets have even died as the result of their owners using the products correctly. Concerns with over the counter flea and tick medications are that the ingredients are known to cause allergic, and sometimes fatal, reactions in some pets.

As such pet owners are now turning to their vet for safer medications to control fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks are not only annoying but also be aware fleas can spread tapeworms and ticks can spread Lyme disease.

Many pet owners are looking online for savings on pet medications, particularly in the areas of flea and tick control, but there are also other pet medications are now available online from various companies. One thing you may not be aware of is that a lot of these online companies are not run by veterinarians and that they are often pharmacies for people.

VetApprovedRX is one of the few online companies where an actual veterinarian is involved. As such if you are going to order your pet's medications online you are much safer to consider this company than some of the others. Also their prices are great!

This is not to say that pet medications sold by all online companies are risky, but why take any risks?

As a bonus with an order of $39 (or more) from VetApprovedRX you are entitled to a free online veterinarian consultation in case you have any questions about your pet, its medications, or general pet care questions.

When buying any pet medications it is important to know the weight of your pet, do not guess. To find out how much your pet weighs step on a weigh scale while holding your pet. Note the weight. Put the pet down and note the weight. Calculate the difference and that is how much your pet weighs. Write it down rather than assuming you will remember it.

Ordering pet medications from your veterinarian, or online from a veterinarian run company, is a lot safer than ordering them from an unknown source or pharmacy not operated by a person with veterinary knowledge of pets.

VetApprovedRX sells Advantage II, K9 Advantix, Frontline, Capstar, and all your other favorite cat and dog medications and health products.

If your cat or dog has fleas, or you are worried about ticks, or are looking for great deals on other pet medications, please check out VetApprovedRX.   Use the link below to get a great deal on Frontline Plus.

Be aware that in many cases cat medication is not safe for dogs, and visa versa, unless otherwise indicated.

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