Sunday, November 11, 2012

Supplies Needed for Owning a Miniature Horse or Pony

If you are considering getting a miniature horse or pony you might be wondering what supplies you need. Or perhaps you know somebody who owns a miniature horse or pony and are looking for gift ideas.

Halters and Lead Shanks

Normally a horse or pony is sold with a halter and lead shank, but not always, and sometimes it is just a good idea to have a spare halter and a few lead shanks If you intend to show your miniature horse or pony in conformation or halter classes you will also need a more decorative halter and shank for these reasons.

Grooming Supplies

There are many grooming supplies you need for brushing your miniature horse or pony. You will want a curry comb and dandy brush, as well as a mane and tail comb and hoof pick. There are other brushes and grooming tools that can be purchased later, including horse shampoo and conditioner. You may want to get a grooming kit to carry around your supplies in.

Medications and Wormers

Miniature horses and ponies should be wormed once a year if they have a large pasture with only a few horses, twice a year is better if there are many equines in the same space.

Pretty much those are all the things you really need to buy for your miniature horse or pony unless you want to ride it, but do note that only the larger miniature horses are suitable for riding, the smaller ones are normally only suited as “pets” or for driving and should not be ridden.

If you are thinking of riding your miniature horse or pony the other supplies you will want are as follows.

Bridle and Bit

Bridles come in many styles, if your pony is already broke to ride you should know what type of bridle and bit were being used on it before you bought it and should stick with the same type. Inexperienced riders should use snaffle bits rather than curb bits as a jerk on the reins with a curb bit can really hurt a horse's mouth. There are many different types of snaffle, some being more severe than others. Click here to learn more about bits and how they work.

Saddle and Saddle Pad

Saddles need to fit the horse and rider. If your pony has high withers and a narrow build be sure to select a saddle to fit it, the same applies to fatter, wider ponies. Saddle pads are also required and go under the saddle. You will also require a girth, or cinch, to keep the saddle on the horse. You can also buy bareback pads to make bareback riding more comfortable.

Boots, Helmets, and other Riding Apparel.

Boots with a heel are a must as they prevent the rider's foot from going through the stirrup. Helmets are also an essential. Even a fall from a short horse can be dangerous if your head hits the wall or is stepped on by the horse. 

Other Bonus Supplies for Owners of Miniature Horses or Ponies

You may also want to buy toys for horses, such as balls they can play with in their pasture. Toys are particularly important for horses or ponies that live alone. Toys help relieve boredom and may prevent problem behavior such as weaving or cribbing.

You may also want to consider supplements and treats. These help an owner to bond with their equine. Generally miniature horses and ponies do not need a lot of rich feed (and can founder if overfed a grain ration) but supplements can be used to improve the quality of their coat and herbal remedies can help with some behavior problems (such as moody mares).

For a new owner a book on horse and pony care might also be a good gift idea.


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