Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where can you Get Real Veterinarian Advice Online

I have always warned people against getting free veterinarian advice online, you simply do not know who is answering.

On forums and other question and answer sites are loaded with people who may claim to be vets but are not. Sure you might get some help from people based on their experiences but sometimes there is more to it than that, and at any rate a common answer in forums is simply “Take your pet to the vet”.

I have seen terrible advice given out by well meaning people but people who simply do not know the facts. For example I have seen a person ask if they can give aspirin to a cat and they were told “Sure, I gave it to my dog so I do not see why you cannot give it to your cat”. Of course the truth is that aspirin is somewhat risky for dogs (although if carefully dosed it is fine) but very dangerous to cats and even a small amount can be fatal.

PetMD.com is one of the few places where pet owners can turn and find real information from real veterinarians. They have a place where users can ask questions about their pet or other concerns. These questions are answered as quickly as possible by the vets who are online at any given time.

What is really great about the question section for vets on PetMD is that it is not just limited to questions about cats and dogs either. PetMD allows you to ask questions about birds, horses, reptiles, or other exotic pets.

The PetMD website itself has loads of links with information on all different types of pets and is a good resource in itself.  Click on the logo above to give it a shot and ask a veterinarian your pet questions today!

As part of the Pet 360 family PetMD is affiliated with PetFoodDirect.  They also have a symptom checker.

If you have a pet emergency it is best to contact your veterinarian. Most vets do have 24 hour services and are available even when their office is closed. For non-emergency situations or times when you just have a simple question, try asking a veterinarian on PetMD.com


  1. dog got into fight 12 hours ago during fight my dog fell backwards hurting back or hips he is a lab/chow mix the other dog was bigger no bite dammage though now he just lays around and cant walk to well when he does he wont eat or drink water and has not went to the bathroom all day i have given him some tramadol 5 hours ago which seemed to help him i dont know if i should give him any more since hes not drinking water i also have valium but i dont know if a small dose would help him to calm down and help muscle issues or hurt him please help

  2. also dog is 10 years old and is in good and is still alert and wags tail but in pain