Saturday, October 22, 2011

What does a Weasel Look Like?

Have you seen the television commercial where a little girl asks her iPhone "What does a weasel look like?"?  Let's find out more about what weasels are and what they look like.

Although there are 17 types of weasel the one most of us are familiar with is the ferret.  Ferrets are a pretty good example of what all weasels look like, some other weasels may be a bit larger, some may be a bit smaller, but in general all weasels have the same body shape and structure as we see in the ferret.  Weasels are long animals with short legs and a fairly pointed head.  They are carnivores, meat eaters with sharp teeth.

Black Footed Ferret
Some species of weasels have been used for fur, and for hunting, some species (the domestic ferret and polecat) have been kept as pets.  In fact the domestic ferret has been kept for over 2500 years and was commonly used to chase (to "ferret) rabbits, and other vermin, out of their warrens. 

domestic ferret in a playful war dance
Weasels come in different sizes from 5 inches long (12 cm) to 18 inches long (45 cm), with additionally long tails. Their bodies are very streamlined and thin. They have small rounded ears, and pointed noses.   Many weasels are brown in the summer, with a white stomach, and moult to become white in the winter.

If you are considering getting a ferret or polecat as a pet, be warned, they are playful and active.  Ferrets need lots of attention, and if you have other pets, such as rabbits or birds, the weasel's natural prey drive may result in a disaster  Pet ferrets need at least 2 hours out of their cage every morning, and another 2 hours every evening.  As carnivores ferrets need to be feed a food with a high meat content. They can have fruits and vegetables as treats or snacks but only in small amounts. Be sure you have a veterinarian that is familiar with them as well.  Female ferrets must be spayed unless they are to be kept and used for breeding.


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  2. Thanks for sharing such valuable information.Keep posting such great info for us thanks.

  3. That is quite weird actually to keep weasels as pets. As they are wild animal they should live freely. Anyway, really appreciate your effort in providing this great information.

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  4. Agree with you pinoy. Now I know what weasel is. Look on its phisical appearance, it is quite frightening to keep them as pets. Anyway thanks for the pics.

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  5. Aww they are so cute! I really didn't know what they looked like.

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  7. I think I have a Weasel living in my back yard It is either dark brown or black Only got a quick look as it ran across the yard to a near by hole and disappeared I live in southern Georgia Does anyone know if this is native here and if this is what is trying to get my chickens every night I could use some feed

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