Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bobcats as Exotic Pets

Many people are looking for more exotic, more unusual, slightly more dangerous, exotic pets; but they still want cute!  As such bobcats and lynxes are now being considered as pets and are slowly entering the exotic pet market.

I personally do not feel a need to own such a creature but did a lot of research on ownership of them which I present to you now. 

In most areas you will require a licence or permit own own a pet bobcat or pet lynx.  Depending on your area this may require getting your property inspected for security.  Your local zoning may be an issue too.  You can only acquire these exotics from licenced breeders who are required to check your permit before selling to you.  Note that you cannot catch and keep a wild bobcat or lynx in most areas as this is illegal, not to mention cruel and dangerous.

Bobcats are about twice the size of a domestic cat, and the Canadian lynx is slightly larger, so you must be sure you can accomodate such a big animal, offering it enough room to play, and as well you must consider the higher costs of feeding and over all care.

Some people breed their own rabbits for the purpose of feeding their pet bobcat or lynx, others use premium commercial diets.  Meat must be the main part of the diet as, like all cats, bobcats are true carnivores. 

You need to be certain you have a veterinarian willing to treat and care for such an exotic pet. 

Keep in mind that a bobcat or lynx is very playful, they will be more destructive than a regular house cat and require plenty of things to climb on.  They may also see any smaller pets as prey.  Like most cats they spend the majority of their day sleeping, but like to be awake in the morning and evening.

If you are intersted in getting a pet bobcat or pet lynx the first thing to check is what licensing and/or permits are needed in your area.  Contact a breeder to see what their requirements are in terms of space and fencing, as most breeders insist on doing home checks before selling to a buyer - they may require a deposit made before they actually have kittens ready to sell.

You should plan on spending $1200 - $1800 USD to purchase a pet bobcat.  Make sure it has been vet checked and vaccinated first.  It should be no younger than 8 weeks of age and should come with health guarantees.


  1. wow, i am quite surprised there is such a market for such exotics, I hope that the owners really put the work into satisfying such creatures

  2. Exotic animals do have attracted people's attention in animal. I may kind of nerd, but I just can't believe it costs that much just for an animal. Hopefully the keeper could take care of this amazing animal.

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  3. Exotic pets do need lots of attention and they truly cost thousands. Well this is very surprising. I mean, I never once think that it would be that much.

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