Thursday, April 12, 2012

Links on Popular Dog Breeds

There are hundreds of dog breeds and new ones are accepted by the registries almost every year. In some areas small breeds are popular as house pets or as “accessories”, while other area it is the larger dogs that are preferred, sometimes as status symbols, for work purposes (hunting, herding), or just because some people consider small dogs to be silly.

Each dog breed is unique in appearance, and temperament. When selecting a dog most people focus on looks, but it is the temperament, maintenance, along with common health problems, that should be considered first.

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The Labrador Retriever

These dogs are very popular, and come in three colors, black, yellow, and chocolate. They are a fairly large dog originally breed to retrieve ducks or fishing nets. As such they are patient and gentle but do need regular exercise. Labrador retrievers have short coats but do shed a lot, particularly when on a poor quality diet or not exercised enough (stress).

The Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular pet dogs in many parts of the world, they are gentle, patient, and have beautiful semi-long coats. Golden retrievers love to retrieve things so much they often will carry toys around in their mouth. Although they still need proper exercise, and regular grooming, they tend to be slightly less active than the Labrador retriever.

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Poodles have been very popular for years, and have some similarities in temperament as the retrievers, however they are often somewhat more intelligent, demanding more mental stimulation. Poodles come in three sizes, toy, miniature, and standard. They require regular grooming or suffer from painful tangles that require a shave to remove.

Pit Bull Terriers

There is actually no such breed as a pit bull terrier, this is a term used loosely to describe any dog of a certain appearance. There are many breeds that are considered to be pit bull terriers according to the country they reside, two of the most common are the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier. These breeds originated as hunting dogs, often used in pits for sport, to kill bulls, bears, or each other. As such they are very strong, but with correct handling and training they can make good pets.

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Other Breeds

Of course there are many other dog breeds as well as many mixed breeds. Click the name to read more on any of these breeds.

Cross bred dogs


  1. Golden Retriever and terrier are cool dogs and easy to train.

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  2. Any breed is hardest for unexperienced dog owner who don't know how to train it properly.

  3. You can't forget the Siberian Husky! They are such beautiful dogs!

  4. The comment expressing dogs may be owned as accessories is an interesting statement. I believe the motives for dog ownership should further research the extent to which this type of dog owner exist.

  5. Time really tested that dogs are man's best friend. I learned some ideas on dogs now because I read your posts. I'm having fun reading your article.

  6. I read an article recently about dogs contributing to the survival of humans over neanderthals. It was really interesting. I think that you can find it if you go to a site called

  7. Good read. Ahhh not poodles. I got bit by a poodle when I was young, can't go near them anymore..

    I have to say that, after owning a border collie, I can't go back to any other breed. I have two now, and they are just so intelligent. I see them more as speechless, hairy children than dogs.. Training them is amazingly fun as well. I have got mine to turn the hoover on for example.

    If anyone is interested I should be putting up some border collie training videos on my site soon.

  8. how about Entlebucher Mountain Dogs...friendly and smart

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