Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pet Fennec Foxes

Fennec Foxes are not at all like "Domestic Dogs".  Foxes are actually from a slightly different genetic line than domestic dogs, who are descended from wolves.  Fennec Foxes are more suited for a person who likes cats, than a person who wants a typical dog as a pet.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Keeping Fennec Foxes as pets often falls under different laws than keeping regular dogs.  Many places have banned these cute pets, they are currently not allowed as pets here in Alberta, where I am.

In some areas Fennec Foxes may be allowed as exotic pets with special permits. This something a person must learn before they get one as a pet.

The behavior of a Fennec Fox is somewhat cat like, they are clever, and playful, and enjoy exploring things.  They are mostly nocturnal, which can be a problem in some homes.  They will try to hunt during the night, much like a pet cat would.  Like all Foxes, they have a high prey drive and may bother smaller house pets.

Fennec Foxes should only be purchased from reputable breeders, never from pet stores.  Some animal shelters may adopt them out, however this is very uncommon.  Fennec Foxes are also sometimes sold at exotic pet shows and sales. 

Before getting a Fennec Fox as a pet, be sure they are allowed in your area and that you have a veterinarian willing to treat Fennec Foxes (and experienced).  As well more research should be done into the care of a Fennec Fox to be sure they fit your lifestyle.

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  1. I have never really thought of these little foxes as pets, didn't even know about them, I need to check this out and get more info. Thanks for sharing, keep posting!

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  7. Many states have fox ownership prohibited by the Department of Health since the rabies vaccine is not proven in foxes. If it worked they would be allowed here by the Department of Agriculture! (Washington)