Saturday, January 29, 2011

Owning a Pet Wolf

People often say they want a pet wolf. These beautiful, wild, canines, are the ancestors of all domestic dogs, and as such people often think owing them is an ideal. Who wouldn't want to own such an iconic animal? Who wouldn't want the attention of their peers as they walk down the street having dominion over such a creature as a wolf?

Well.. me for one.

The domestication of the wolf into the pet dog we see today, was not simply brought about by primitive people owing wild wolves. Undoubtedly they only kept the tamest animals and would have gotten rid of (or maybe even eaten) those with unsafe tendencies. It took generations before the wild wolf became a “pet dog”.  Not just any wolf was kept, only the smaller ones, the less aggressive ones, that were timid towards the other "wild" wolves were the ones that bonded with the people of the time. 

One of the closest domestic dogs to a wolf, is the Husky. Not everyone is suited to owning a Husky, these dogs are noted for being somewhat aloof, prone to jumping fences and running away, and can be a problem with cats, and livestock. Huskies need mile long (or more) runs every day. If a person is aware that they would not be a good owner for a Husky, they certainly would not be cut out to own a wolf, even where ownership is legal (it often requires a permit, and special fencing).

Wolf- Hybrids are wolves crossed with domestic dogs.  One must be careful when getting such a pet; a wolf hybrid will also require extra care, and lots of exercise and may have a high prey drive.  Also some sellers are not ethical, without proof that an animal is part wolf, it could be anything, even a poorly bred Husky!

In general ownership of an actual wolf is not for a person with little experience, they can be more demanding than a typical pet dog, and have more concerns in regards to physical needs.


  1. Wonderful article. I think Wolves are beautiful and I am always excited if I get the chance to see one but as you say they are wild and in the wild is where they should stay.
    Love your art work, I made a clay model of a wolf for my son a few weeks back.

  2. This is great article. Even it sounds great to keep this wild animal as a pet, I don't think we bear enough to locked them inside cage that they are wild animal lives in wild life. Thank you for posting this article.

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  3. I think I know the reason why many people wish to keep a pet wolf. You are correct when saying wolfs are the anchistors of dogs. But I think this is more to people's perception that wolf is more beast and wilder than dog. Anyway, thanks for sharing this information. I love reading your article.

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  4. Why ban wolves when some people are indeed fit to own wolves? Just like your example with huskies, can you say that ALL huskies should be banned just because a lot of people (yes, A LOT--look at all those huskies in shelters) aren't fit to own one? If you don't think huskies should be banned, why should pet wolves be? How is that even logical?