Friday, February 4, 2011

Pet African Rainbow Crabs

Not everyone wants a furry pet, not everyone has space, or time, for a larger animal.  For those people a African Rainbow Crab may be the ideal solution.

African Rainbow Crabs are larger and more active than the Hermit Crab, making them a more interesting pet.  They come from the coastal regions of west Africa.  Rainbow Crabs are often called "soapbox crabs" or "moon crabs" however these names can also refer to other species of crab, to be sure, a Rainbow Crab is correctly known under the species name "Cardisoma armatum".

They are a land crab and when kept as pets must have more land, than water, in their enclosure. 

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  1. This is for the first time I see this crab. I don't even know before that there is a rainbow crab species in Africa.

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