Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dendrobates, Pets that can Kill, Maybe

Dendtrobates, better known as Poison Dart Frogs, or Poison Arrow Frogs, are available in the pet trade for people wish to have a small, but colorful, exotic pet. 

Discount Reptile Supplies at www.thatpetplace.comPoison Dart Frogs get their name from the fact that their skin secretes a poison, in some species this poison is enough to kill a human.   People in Central, and South America, where the frogs are from, have used the poison from certain frogs on their darts when hunting to kill game animals. In fact of over 170 different species, only 4 have been commonly used for this purpose, and many are as toxic as others.

In the pet trade it is generally believed that the frogs are less toxic, or not toxic at all, due to the fact their diet is not the same as that of wild frogs.  In the wild the poison dart frogs would be eating poisonous insects; ants, centipedes, and so forth, and their poison most likely comes through those sources.  It is still suggested to wear gloves when handling poison dart frogs because they can absorb chemicals from our skin that could harm them. 

Most keepers do not handle their pets, instead they set up their enclosure and simply enjoy viewing their small pets.

Poison dart frogs are generally not sold in regular pet stores, an interested buyer should seek out a breeder through reptile magazines, or at exotic pet shows. Captive bred animals should be purchased in favor of wild caught animals (which might be illegal).

Poison dart frogs require moist vivariums set up with lighting and heat according to the need of their species. 

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