Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pet Chinchillas

Here at the Cabin, I must admit I know very little about pet Chinchillas.  When I was very young some people in the house we lived in kept them, but I believe they were being raised for fur, rather than as pets. 

Today many people keep Chinchillas as pets.  They are about the size of a rabbit, however they do have different care needs.  For starters Chinchillas must have dusts baths, and are more active at night than rabbits are.  Where a rabbit can be often handled during the day, a Chinchilla is best left resting, handled in the morning, or evening instead.

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Chinchillas are not beginners pets, and do require special care.  The lifespan of a Chinchilla can be 12 years or more, so they are a pet that should be well thought out.

Here is a link to determine if a Chinchilla is a good pet for you.

Here is a link on how to select and purchase a pet Chinchilla.

As with all pets, a Chinchilla should be purchased from a breeder, or adopted from an animal shelter, they should not be purchased from pet stores.  Pet stores get their chinchillas from mass breeders - the animals are not use to being handled, inbred, and will be over priced for their quality, and the parent animals may be housed in horrid conditions - which your purchase would continue to support.


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