Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ferrets as Exotic Pets

Ferrets are a different kind of pet, playful like a cat, but clever like a Jack Russell Terrier, these are not a pet for a first time pet owner.

Ferrets are small carnivorous mammals, they are not rodents, but rather are weasels and would happily eat most rodents if they should encounter them, in fact they are often used for hunting rabbits.  They will also feast on bird eggs, and as such are illegal as pets in many areas due to the risk of them escaping (or being turned loose) and endangering local wildlife species. 

Ferrets are awake in the morning and evening hours and are quite active when awake.  They should have large, interesting, cages, and be given at least 4 hours out of their cage every day.  They are very curious, playful, pets.

One of the biggest concerns with keeping pet ferrets is their smell.  Ferrets have a scent gland near their anus and can release their anal glands at will (usually when scared).  For this reason many people in the USA and Canada have them descented, in fact this is often done to young ferrets before they arrive in pet stores for sale.  Other countries consider this inhumane, for example descenting is not generally done to ferrets in the UK.

Ferrets are obligate (true) carnivores, they need a proper meat source in their diet.  Cats are also obligate carnivores, and good quality cat food can be fed to a ferret in an emergency, however proper ferret food is always preferred, and in either case a meat source must be the first ingredient (eg.  Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Lamb Meal).

It is always best to buy a pet ferret from a breeder, or adopt from a shelter rather than buying from a pet store as the pet store ferrets typically come from mass breeders - are generally less social, and may have genetic concerns as the result of being poorly bred.

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