Monday, April 4, 2011

Chicks are Not Appropriate Easter Gifts

Pets are, or should be, a lifetime commitment, sadly many people get chicks for their children at Easter time.  These chicks are brought home on a whim, an impluse, purchased because they were "cute" with no other thought. 

Chicks are living animals, just like kittens or pups.  Most Easter chicks are not prepared for, not cared for, and most die within days, or a few weeks, or the owner simply comes to the realization that they now have a baby chicken... and what do they do with it!?!

Most people who get Easter chicks do not keep them as pets, and do not provide proper care for them (for example they need heating lamps), even though they are living animals, purchased as pets.  Chicks are at risk for stress, and can be hurt if held too tight by a child.

To make matters worse some of these chicks have been dyed.  While this is sometimes done safely and humanely, it is sometimes done with toxic dyes, the sellers knowing that the chicks are probably not going to live anyhow.  As the chicks are often dyed while still in their eggs, mistakes can occur.

There is no reason to bring home a chick as an Easter gift.  Pets are not novelty items, toys for kids, they are lifetime commitments, this applies to chicks too!

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  1. I completely agree with you. Chicks are mostly bought just because they are dyed, and cute. The worse is that they usually given to the kids which might using it as toys.

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  2. I agree chicks do not make good Easter gifts. Nor should they be given as Easter gifts. My daughter wanted me to buy her some chicks because she thought they were cute as we were picking up supplies for the dogs. I refuses, as I don't believe they make good gifts. Plus, I would be the one doing all the work. Animals are work. Not a novelty to throw away when the cuteness wears off.