Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Innisfail Odd and Unusual Animal and Bird Auction

If you are in Alberta and looking for an odd or unusual exotic pet, the Innisfail Odd and Unusual Animal and Bird Auction is not to be missed.  This is a three day event that happens twice a year, Easter weekend, and Thanksgiving weekend.

As seen at the Innisfail Auction
The Easter sale will begin on Good Friday, with goats and sheep selling in the day.  Later in the evening Aniques, Collectables, and most caged pets will sell (sometimes including some caged birds), this is often hedgehogs, sugar gliders, guinea pigs, and a few reptiles, but can be animals such as wallabies.  Many exotic pets sell at this time - different every auction!

On Saturday, the other birds will sell, these being exotic chickens, pheasants, peafowl, emus, and who-knows-what!  Rabbits will also sell on Saturday.  Many caged birds also sell on Saturday.

On Easter Sunday, the miniature horses, exotic cattle, llamas, and other large mammals (bison, elk) will sell. 

The Thanksgiving weekend sales run the same way, Friday to Sunday.

Pheasant we purchased at the Innisfail auction.

Anything is possible - it all depends what sellers bring.  I have attended many of these sales, we have seen many exotic pets and animals at this sale, every thing from tiny baby snakes, to a halter trained bison.  We  have seen rare breeds of livestock, and a few regular ones!

Zebu seen at the Innisfail Auction
Some exotic pets that are auctioned off require special permits to own, (such as migratory birds, or primates) so make sure you bring your permits if you plan on buying certain exotics.  Come early to have a look around, get your bidder number, and find a seat.  If you are selling - come even earlier!

Innisfail is just south of Red Deer, Alberta, on highway 2, about an hour north of Calgary.  The auction market is just off the highway at the south end of town. 

To see Other Sales Dates - click here.

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  1. I've never heard of that! I will have to check it out sometime.
    We live in Calgary and work up North of Fort McMurray so no additions to our household but I like to check out the critters!

  2. I never think that there is someone sell this kind of animals. I mean animals that are to be kept as pets. Even though they are so exotic, I believe it is not easy to take care of them :)
    Anyway, thanks for this great information.

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