Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cheetahs as Exotic Pets

Recently in the United Arab Emerates there have been some stories of Cheetahs suffering as exotic pets.  These tales should serve as a warning for anyone considering getting such a wild cat for a pet.

In the UAE, Cheetahs, and other exotic pets, are often kept on the rooftops of buildings, often on chains.  In a recent story which made news May 29, 2011, a Cheetah cub, about seven months old, was found wandering the streets with an injured front paw.  The Al Rahma Animal Welfare and Resuce Society speculates that the big cat's paw was injured in a fall, or jump, from its roof top home.  Additionally it had a metal chain around its neck.  Very likely the cat had been on a chain, which may have broken, or been cut, when the animal fell, or broke some other way.

At any rate the cheetah cub was found in the Karama district of Abu Dhabi, and later sent to a wildlife rescue place.

This cheetah was not the first exotic pet, or big cat, to make news in the area, sadly it is only one of many, including cases where smugglers have been caught with kittens, and and even worse recent case where officials saved two lions from a home where both were suffering in horrid condition as the result of neglect, and abuse.  Both lions had been declawed, as well their teeth had been filed down and had become infected.

Read More on the Cheetah's Rescue and see a Picture.
Al Rahma Animal Rescue in Abu Dhabi - Facebook Page

Over all if you are thinking that a big cat is a good pet... think again.  These cats require a lot of meat, they need a lot of space, and they are dangerous.  Even if well handled they have a potential to harm, as well the human lifestyle is not at all natural for such an animal.  Cheetahs, need to run, they were made to stretch their limbs and run.  They are not status symbols.  A far more suitable pet would be a greyhound, or Bengal Cat.


  1. Okay, cheetah as a pet?? That would be the most exotic pet ever :)
    Besides, is it allow to keep wild animal inside home? I mean literally "wild"

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  2. I can't agree more with you on this issue. Large cats are wild animals and very dangerous- I wish that keeping them as pets was illegal in more places, because too many people get them to show off and people end up getting hurt/killed (and then the cat is of course killed as well). There are so many animals (like the pigs in your more recent post) that make great pets but big cats just don't.

    Thomas Knight

  3. no way, still it is cool but the wild animal can't be a pet. it's to dangerous.

  4. I just can't believe there are people who are willing to keep cheetah as pets. I mean, they are wild animal and should be freed, not kept in a cage at home. No matter how big the cage would be. Anyway, if they decide to keep it as pet they should love and care of it very carefully. Exotic pets need good treatment; that's all I always hear.

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  5. Well, each person will have their own perception which animal is exotic and which is not. To my personal thinking, cheetah may an exotic animal but this is not the animal pets. They are not pets actually. I think we should be smart to differentiate that all pets are animals, but all animals are not pets.

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