Monday, June 6, 2011

Pet Pigs

One of the most recent, trendy pets, is the pet pig. Make no mistake though, pigs are super smart pets, and should not be purchased on a whim. A pig is comparable to a dog in terms of intelligence so a person who thinks a dog is too much work for them, will not want to get a pet pig, in fact, some pig owners find the pig to be more demanding than a pet dog.

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Pigs grow slowly, this sets the stage for some unscrupulous sellers who market small pigs telling the buyers the pigs do not get very big... two years later, however, the pig is big and the new owners are angry. Some breeders intentionally stunt a pigs growth through poor breeding practices and poor food early in life. Eventually these pigs either grow normally or they suffer from health problems because their outsides, and skeletal structure, stops growing, but their insides keep growing, causing a huge “pot belly” and sometimes resulting in considerable pain and discomfort for the animal.

Above is a pig that showed up in my yard one day, we found out from a neighbor that it's owner let it go and doesn't want it back - of course releasing an unwanted pet this way is illegal, it also goes to show that people need to think a lot more before getting a pet pig.

Pigs need to be fed pig food but can be given some people foods in addition, as such they are not cheap pets as some people might think.

Pigs need regular exercise or become bored and destructive, just like a dog would. They love to have mud baths and actually need these to keep their skin in good shape. They are curious and should be considered somewhat to be like having a child in the home.. they love to stick things in their mouth so a home must be “pig proof”. When outside pigs need shelter from the sun, and cold weather.

Pet pigs can live 10 to 15 years, which is a serious consideration when getting a pet. Anyone thinking about getting a pet pig should do more thorough research including checking to be sure they are legal as pets in a specific area.  As well it is a good idea to check into the different breeds and to only buy from a reputable breeder.

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