Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Monkey Discovered in Brazil

The Brazilian Amazon is one of the few places on the earth that is relatively untouched by man.  Recently explorer, and biologist Julio Dalponte discovered a new species of titi monkey in this area.  This monkey had different markings on its face and tail than other previously know members of the genus, as such it was determined to be a new, previously unknown type of titi monkey.

Titi monkeys have a small body and long tail, which is not prehensile (meaning they do not use their tail to grip).  They travel by jumping from tree to tree and typically sleep at night.

Titi monkeys have been observed to be monogamous, mating for life.  The males have an interesting role in caring for young titi monkeys as they do most of the parenting, bringing the baby to the mother only for feeding.  They tend to live in small family groups.

Of course very little is known about this new species, which is actually one of several discovered since 2000.  Hopefully we can preserve the habitat for this animal, and protect it from being exploited in the pet trade.

You can read more about the discovery of the new titi monkey here at WWF's website.  The site does have a picture which I could not use as it is copyright owned by the photographer. 


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