Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Suspected Extinct Rainbow Toad Found

A toad not seen since 1924 has been sighted at last and captured in pictures.  The Borneo Rainbow Toad had not been sighted in 87 years and was on the list of Top 10 Wanted Lost Frogs, when at last 3 individuals were spotted, and photographed by researchers who were specifically looking for new, or endangered, species.

The researchers forwarded their photos of the Borneo Rainbow toad to Robin Moore of Conservation International, who had lauched the campaign to find these little guys, and others, under the name of Global Search for Lost Amphibians.  The discovery is huge, but the location of the find will be kept secret.  There are concerns that the toads will be exploited in the Pet Trade, captured to be sold as extremely rare exotic pets.

The toads were actually discovered August of 2010, but the news was not released until recently.  Scientists had to be sure they had the right toads before making the announcement.  The Borneo Rainbow Toad goes by the scientific name of Ansonia latidisca and measure up to 2 inches long (51 cm).

Ambibians are very much under threat of extinction, with many species listed as Endangered or Threated.  Pollution and habitat loss are major threats to their survival.  Most people around the world are noticing that they are encountering frogs and toads (and other amphibians) in the wild far less than they did even 10 or 20 years ago. 

The pet trade is also responsible for some amphibian disappearances - people should be aware that in most areas it is illegal to catch, and keep, and wild animal, including frogs, toads, and salamanders.  These animals should be kept in the wild.  If you are looking to get a pet toad, frog, or salamander, it is always best to buy from a breeder rather than risk buying from a place that gets them from the wild.

To Read the story on Yahoo!News click here.
To See picures of the Borneo Rainbow Toad click here.

We at the cabin are thrilled at the rediscovery of this tiny being, and hope that their location remain a secret so populations can recover.


  1. Thanks for sharing such valuable information.Keep posting such great info for us thanks.

  2. It's amazing. Have seen the rainbow toad in national geographic site and it is amazing. Can't believe such beautiful creations founded again since many years "extinct".

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