Sunday, October 7, 2012

Unique All Natural Pet Food Companies

Recently I was reviewing some pet food companies that I had previously not been aware of.  Two of these companies were specifically good for pet owners who want to cook for their pets but do not have the time, or who want to feel more involved in the preparation of their pet's food.

While both these companies offer choices for cat and dog owners, both have more selections for dogs than cats. 

These really cool pet food companies are Red Moon Custom Pet Foods and Sojos - Sojourner Farms - Pet Foods. 

Both Red Moon Custom Pet Foods and Sojos All Natural Pet Foods focus on healthy and natural ingredients.  They recognize that many other pet foods use cheap filler and some even contain ingredients (such as Ethoxyquin) that are linked to causing health problems.  These companies wanted to offer a better product in terms of healthy ingredients but went another step further.

Red Moon Custom Pet Foods went in the direction of allowing people to pick a base product and then to customize it with a list of ingredients that can benefit pets in different ways.  For people who are unsure what base to start with Red Moon Custom Pet Foods asks people a few basic questions about their pet, including its age and health concerns.  With dogs they also ask about its size.  They usually suggest a few different base products so owners can pick the type of meat they want.  Once owners have selected other ingredients to add the company makes the food and ships it out fresh.

Sojos All Natural Pet Foods took the direction of making a base product that contains all the harder to find ingredients that pets require to ensure they get their vitamins and minerals and so forth and sending that to the consumer allowing the pet owner to add raw meat and vegetables of their choice.  They also have a complete mix for people who do not want to add the meat and vegetables.  Their food is sold in a freeze dried form and is rehydrated with water so it is always fresh. 

Both of these pet foods are available in Canada and the USA.  While Sojos food can be found in some stores, online at their own site, or via other online suppliers such as Only Natural Pet Stores, Red Moon is custom made pet food so it is only available online.

Check here for coupons and deals on Sojos All Natural Pet Foods.
And check here for discounts and deals from Red Moon Custom Pet Foods.

Remember when you select an all natural pet food you avoid chemicals that can be linked to cancer and other problems that are so common in our beloved pets.

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