Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review of the Northern Lights Wolf Center

The Northern Lights Wolf Center is located between Golden, BC, and Revelstoke, being closer to Golden. It is about a 10 minute drive off the highway. 

While driving from Golden to Revelstoke this past summer (July 2012) we saw signs "Wolves", and "Wolf Puppies" and made a plan to stop there on the way home (we were on vacation to Vancouver).
To be honest were expecting something different so were slightly disappointed in the Northern Lights Wolf Center however overall we were still glad we stopped. We expect to see wolves moving around in a more wild setting but it was hot summer day and they were snoozing in cages. The cages themselves were not too bad. 

They did have wolf puppies but the puppies were a few months old when we saw them, actually we only saw one and it was asleep. I would suggest anyone looking to see younger puppies to visit earlier in the year, perhaps May or June.

We were impressed with the interpretive displays, they had lots of information on wolves and other Canadian wildlife. They also had lots of information regarding various petitions supporting protection for wildlife.

Additionally the Northern Lights Wolf Center had information on the Karelian Bear Dogs, and owned a couple of such dogs too. These dogs are used to teach bears to stay away from human areas and as such the goal would be to avoid fewer bear problems which sometimes result in bears being shot and killed. 

Apparently they do also have “walks with wolves” available in which a person could get better pictures than we got. They are open daily, even in the winter, but I would advise you check the weather and road conditions before making a trip in the winter.

As far as roadside zoos and attractions go, I would rate this one as fair. I would say it is worth stopping at if you are driving through the area and like wolves. The enclosures were pretty good, they had trees, shade, shelter, and interesting areas for the wolves. Had I seen any signs of cruelty or suffering I would not encourage any visitors to this wolf center. The people are clearly trying to do what they think is right; offering education, and are not just in it for the money.

I want to add that keeping wolves as pets is not a good idea.  If you are somebody who wants a wolf for this reason you should have a proper facility similar to the one at the Northern Lights Wolf Center, allowing the wolves to live at least somewhat naturally.

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