Sunday, December 30, 2012

What Pet Products does 911HealthShop Sell?

Pets have health problems, just as people do, but in many cases it is not safe to give human medication to pets. Even so, some medications that are safe for one type of pet may not be safe for another. Tylenol, for example, is fine for humans, but not safe for cats and dogs; aspirin is somewhat safe for dogs, but not at all safe for cats.

As such if you are considering giving human medications to a pet for any reason it is always best to check with your veterinarian first. Otherwise just stick with medications intended for pets.

There are many places in where a pet owner can buy medication for pets. This article is to introduce you to, a place to buy nutritional supplements and vitamins for people and pets too.

It is often hard to know when a pet needs vitamins, but most certainly older pets benefit from having vitamins and joint supplements. Pets that are going to shows can benefit from the vitality, those that are going to be bred can also be brought into condition with vitamins, however these should not be used while the pet is pregnant or nursing without checking with your vet first. After her young are weaned the momma might be thin and again this is a good time for nutritional supplements.

Pets who are stressed have more risk of developing health problems, including digestion problems, and mites, so by helping them maintain health you actually can reduce other problems from developing.
911HealthShop has over 250 pet health products, often priced well below suggested retail prices.

Some of their top selling products are:
  • K-9 Glucosamine by Liquid Health Inc – a product that helps dogs with arthritis.
  • Zinpro Skin and Coat Formula for Dogs by Lincoln Biotech – a zinc supplement to improve skin and coat.
  • Multiple Vitamins and Minerals Spray for Cats and Kittens by Dynamic Health Labs – a great way to boost your cat's health.
  • Transfer Factor Animal Stress Pack by 4Life – to relieve stress in all types of pets from rabbits to horses.
  • Herbal Flea Collar by Petguard – much safer than the chemicals used in typical flea collars.
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911HealthShop has a range of products to help with clipper burn, ear cleaning, and so forth, but by far their most popular products are those related to aiding and improving joint health in dogs and cats. You will also find many biscuits for dogs and cats that are not just treats but contain health supplements such as those for the skin and coat. Other products help with digestion or are safe ways of preventing fleas and ticks. They have products, such as a variety of dental bones, to help with cleaning a dog's teeth.

911HealthShop has a Rewards program, join and collect rewards which can be redeemed for cash.
They are located in the USA and currently only ship their products within the United States.
Just click on either ad to visit their website.

If your pet is actually sick please check with a veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis of the health problem your pet is experiencing.

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