Monday, December 31, 2012

Pet Safety in the Dark

Pet safety in the dark is always something people should consider. One of the leading causes of pet death is accidents and many accidents happen at night when cars hit pets. Pet owners sometimes assume that drivers will see their pet, but pets are fast moving and being short, they are usually below where most drivers focus their eyes.

Never assume that because your pet has never been hit by a car that it won't be hit in the future. At night a LED product can save your pet's life.

If you ride a bike and walk your dog at the same time having a LED light on your pet can help drivers take notice of the animal. A LED light on your bike is a good idea as well.

People who ride their horses in the evening may find clipping a small LED light (such as the LED collar light) on the bridle adds extra safety – as sometimes it can get darker faster than you might expect. Another safety tip when riding near roads is to ride in the direction of the oncoming traffic.

Rural people, or those who do not have fenced yards, may find that a light on their dog is a great way to see where it is when they let it out in the evening.

Nite Ize is an online supplier of LED safety lighting and other similar products (including light up pet toys), but in particular their products for pet safety are excellent.


Pick from:
  • LED Collar
  • LED Collar cover (turns a regular collar into a light up collar)
  • LED Collar Light (red or white)
  • LED Leash
  • LED Flying disc (toy)
  • LED Ball (toy)
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Nite Ize also sells batteries for their LED pet safety products. Nite Ize is located in the United States and most products are available to be shipped internationally. They have a 30 day return policy on all unopened products.

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