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Natural Remedy for Dogs who Eat their Own Feces

Coprophagia is the name given for when a dog that eats its own feces. This is a disgusting habit in the eyes of many pet owners, but perfectly natural among dogs. Some breeds, such as the Dachshund, seem more prone to engage in eating their own stools.

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A long standing myth has been that dogs eat their stools because their food is low quality. We now know this is not true, dogs eating poor quality food are not going to get any additional vitamins or nutrients in their stool. However there has been a link made between dogs with vitamin B deficiencies and coprophagia.

A dog fed a good quality food is likely to engage in coprophagia simply because there can be some undigested bits in their poop, and quite honestly, their poop might even smell yummy!

A dog with worms might be getting fed enough but the worms are eating their share of the dog's food and making digestion difficult, as such the dog may still feel hungry and eat its feces as a result.

Mother dogs eat the stools of their pups as a way to keep the den area clean. In the wild dogs might also eat their own feces around their den as a way to keep the area clean. In puppy mill situations a bored dog might even eat its own stools as something to do, or as a way to fill its empty stomach if underfed.

Owners who leave their dog out in a dirty backyard with very little mental stimulation, may find that their dog picks up coprophagia as a habit.

How to Stop a Dog from Eating its Stools

The first thing an owner can try to do is to be more proactive in regards to cleaning up after their dog. As coprophagia sometimes starts when the dog is a puppy, while house training an owner can pick up after the pup immediately and give the pup a small treat reward so that it never even thinks about turning around to eat its poop.

Some people have found that adding canned pineapple or meat tenderizer to the dog's food can help as they may make the dog's stool taste bad after the fact. This is a home remedy that works for some dogs, but not others. Dogs that have been eating their own stool for some time will have

There are also products available in stores and online that can help with this nasty behavior. Not all of these products are any good, and some use questionable ingredients, so always look for an “All-Natural” product when dealing with any sort of concern like this.

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The Only Natural Pet Stool Eating Deterrent product is a pill that contains:
  • digestive enzymes (to help improve digestion so fewer yummy bits are left in the stool), 
  • cayenne pepper (to make the stool taste bad), 
  • vitamin B (to combat any deficiencies), 
  • yucca (to reduce the smell of the stool),  
  • and a few other natural ingredients. 

This product is made in the USA, and contains human grade ingredients. One bottle contains 90 pills.

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Concerned pet owners will always look for all natural solutions to any pet problem they have, noting that second to accidents, cancer is a leading killer of pets.

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