Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cutest Bunnies in the World

At the Animal Cabin we like all kinds of animals, from tiny bugs, to massive creatures, but of course we also love looking at some cute critters, and what could be cuter than a bunny?

Writer RJ Evans is noted for his original sense of humor, and ability to find the most awesome pictures!
He must be a Star Trek fan too because in this link he references one of Star Treks most famous animals - the Tribble.

The Angora rabbit is Earth's version of the Tribble, and nearly breeds as fast!

photo source
If you think this Angora bunny is cute you will want to check  RJ's article The Real Life Tribble - click here.

Angora rabbits are not easy pets to care for, they require regular grooming or their hair can become a real problem for them.  If hair around their rump is allowed to become dirty it can attract flies which can lead to a deadly problem - fly strike.

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  1. My Gosh... This bunny is so sweet. It is cute. I love rabbit too, I have 5 rabbits at home.

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