Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Shaggy Donkey of France

One of the rarest donkeys is the shaggy Poitou Donkey of France.

Here at the cabin we enjoy sharing information about such unusual animals, ones that many people will never see in their lifetime, but hopefully whose species can be saved.

In France these shaggy donkeys are called Baudet du Poitou. These donkeys are so rare there are less than 300 purebreds even today.

The Baudet de Poitou is a fairly large donkey, standing 13 to 15 hands high (a hand is 4 inches or 10 cm). The most recognizable feature is their long hair, known as “cadenette” which hangs down like dreadlocks. In color they are always dark brown or black, but with a white tummy and nose.  The Baudet de Poitou donkey has lighter hairs around the eyes. They lack the dark dorsal stripe seen in most other breeds. Their long hair is a dominant trait and crossbred animals will have this feature as well.  

Because the long hair is dominant it means that part bred animals will have the long hair so unscrupulous sellers might try to suggest their part-bred Poitou is in fact a purebred, always get proof of parentage with registration papers.  Like most animals these hairy donkeys cannot legally be called purebreds unless they have registration papers proving the same.   

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