Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Exotic Pet Skunks

Here at the cabin we have a couple of barn cats that live outdoors (they have a dog house for shelter and several barns - both cats are neutered of course and brought into the house when its very cold, althogh they prefer to be outside).  We leave bowls of cat food out for them, including one bowl on the deck.  Sometimes this food seems to vanish overnight.   We have seen who is stealing the food on a couple of occasions.  A skunk!  This cute skunk is easy to chase off and has never sprayed us or the cats. 

Above you see he/she spilled the big container of cat food.  The crash alerted me.

In our area skunks are not allowed as pets although this one seems to think we are in charge of feeding it!  Some people do keep skunks as pets, they can be very ferret like in behavior with the main concern in that pet skunks (and all skunks) are nocturnal.  As well an exotic pet, like a skunk, should never be caught wild (in most cases this is illegal) rather they should be purchased from a breeder, or adopted from a rescue group. 

Read more about the Care for Pet Skunks - click here.
Read more about Skunks in General - click here.


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  2. i just never think before that skunk could be taken as pet. if you say this one is one of the exotic pet, then i totally agree with you. i think what makes this animal as exotic pet is just because there are only some people pet them.

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  3. If I recall correctly, skunks can be rather loveable creatures. However; they have to be taken to be de-scented. At least this is one conversation that I had with a co-worker one day.

  4. how does skunk sprayed smell? is it really bad as it the cartoon?

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