Saturday, November 13, 2010

Green Anole Lizards

Green Anoles are commonly kept as house pets.  Sadly many do not live long as many people do not gather enough information on their care and requirements.

These small lizards require a warm tank, at least 7.5 gallons, however 10 or even 15 gallon tanks are better.

Males are more often seen in the pet trade and will fight and kill each other as they mature.  Females are generally held back by breeders.  The males have the larger red pouch they can inflate. 

Photo By Huzzar  [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Anyone wishing to get one of these small lizards as a pet should do more research, learn about the animal, its needs, and decide whether or not you can meet these, and that this is indeed a pet you want - for the right reasons.

An Anole (say Ah - No - Lee) is a good starter lizard for somebody who is truly interested in keeping larger species of lizard.

Although stores often sell Anole food many animals prefer live food so you must be able to provide them with live crickets.  They can be handled but if stressed will drop their tail (let it fall off).

Anoles like tropical tank conditions.  

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To Learn more about keeping Green Anoles as Pets, Click Here.
To see some Macro Photography Images of Green Anoles, Click Here.


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